TMV Valves

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot and cold water to ensure safe shower and bath outlet temperatures. With this, you can avoid burning yourself with scalding hot water. Your TMV valves need to be repaired by a licensed professional. Selected Heating and Cooling has a team of accredited and insured plumbers who are trained to handle any job. We can provide you with repairs and servicing of your TMV valves.

tmv valves

Why Is TMV Important?

A standard TMV valve is set to deliver water at a temperature of 45°C. However, in some cases such as child-care facilities, the water temperature is delivered at a reduced rate of approximately 38°-40°C.
Tempering valves are usually used for hot water systems to ensure the water temperature is controlled. Moreover, a TMV valve ensures that water can be stored within the storage tanks at very high temperatures.
These valves are an important part of hot water systems for they prevent from causing you any harm as well as protect your hot water systems. Storing water at extremely high temperatures can also help in preventing diseases which arise with stored, stagnant water.

Regular TMV Testing!

You must get regular testing done of TMV valves. Australian law requires them to be tested and inspected approximately every 12 months. Our team of professional plumbers strictly follow the rules and regulations of the industry. We provide you with regular testing of TMVs and ensure that it is done by an accredited plumber.
According to the Victorian Building Authority, thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) work is a new specialised class of work that includes the repair, alteration, maintenance and testing of a TMV. It is very clearly specified that the service and repairs of TMVs need to be done by a registered plumber.

You won’t have to worry about anything once you appoint Selected Heating and Cooling to carry out your TMV testing. All our plumbers are registered or licensed to carry out professional TMV testing, repairs and servicing.

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