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Combat the rising temperatures with an evaporative cooler Melbourne. There are several advantages to getting an evaporative cooling system. It can help you to save money on electricity bills while being extremely energy efficient. Additionally, if you already have this system and yet are facing certain problems with the functioning, contact the team at Selected Heating And Cooling. We are a team of licensed and insured plumbers who possess the required skills to repair, maintain and install your heating and cooling systems. Select the best of the best, go for the team of experts at Selected Heating And Cooling. Call us today!

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Selected Heating And Cooling provides a wide range of services for your homes. Evaporative coolers use both electricity and water to keep your Melbourne homes cool. There are two types of evaporative cooling systems you can get for your homes- ducted evaporative cooler and window/wall-mounted and portable evaporative coolers. A ducted evaporative cooler is the more common system sold in Melbourne. This system works through a network of ducts placed throughout your home with openings in every room. The motor, fan and the filter pads are usually placed outside on the roof. Warm air from the outside is sucked in and cooled down from the water in the soaked filter pads. The cool air then travels through the ducts and right into your room, maintaining a cool temperature in your entire house. A portable cooler or a window/wall-mounted cooler is best for a studio apartment or a single room. They are small, easy to handle and don’t take up too much space. If you’re sharing a house with a few more people or live in a studio apartment, this is the best option. Our plumbers can easily install a new system in your home without any fuss. An installation service will include looking into the electrical connections and water pipelines. An evaporative cooler Melbourne requires a connection to the main water supply in order to function correctly. Get in touch with our team today!

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Evaporative Cooling Systems - Repairs & Service

One important thing to remember when you’re purchasing an evaporative cooler is the Melbourne weather. Especially, consider the weather of the area you live in. This system works best in dry areas; humidity will just lead to increased consumption of water and the cooling will still not be too effective. The system will always perform better in dry and arid areas. The hot dry air can easily be cooled down with the help of water as compared to humid and hot winds. However, dry winds can lead to different sort of troubles with your system. While cooling down the hot winds, all evaporative coolers also filter all the dust and debris that comes in with the winds. Over time, the dust buildup can be a bit overwhelming and can affect the functioning of the filter pads. Dust or corrosion can easily damage the fan in the motor of the system; damages such as a tear in the ducts is also a very common problem. The team at Selected Heating And Cooling can easily repair these damages. We will ensure that your cooling system works perfectly and doesn’t cause you any troubles. Our team also provides regular maintenance services for your heating and cooling systems. Another important thing to remembers when buying a new evaporative cooler in Melbourne is the size of the room. If you are confused, just in get in touch with one of our experts who will give you professional advice regarding which system will suit your needs the best.

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Selected Heating And Cooling provide the finest repairs and maintenance services in Melbourne. Whether it is a ducted evaporative cooler or a gas heater, we will install or repair as quickly as possible. We believe in providing quick efficient services to all our customers. Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified plumbers who have several years of experience in the heating and cooling industry. We are also licensed gas fitters, so we can handle all your gas appliances as well. Go for the cheaper option, select an evaporative cooler for your home and save on energy and your bills. Select the sustainable option, call us for an installation or repair service today!

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