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At Selected Heating and Cooling, our partnership with Mitsubishi aligns our dedication to providing quality service with a world-renowned brand’s innovative air conditioning technology. Mitsubishi stands tall among air conditioning manufacturers, boasting innovative technology, superior energy efficiency, and whisper-quiet operation.

Using Mitsubishi Electric means we as professional installers can provide peace of mind to all our clients that doesn’t compromise of energy efficiency, quality and durability for a good life span on use.

Servicing these brands on Air-conditioning units is always easy to deal with knowing all components are easily accessible, well built and peace of mind knowing the customer will have a great Air-conditioning system to last.

Residential to commercial and industrial, Mitsubishi Electric will cover all aspects of Air-conditioning management.

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Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning units exemplify the pinnacle of comfort and eco-friendliness. Their advanced features, such as the “i-see Sensor” and “3D i-see Sensor,” ensure even air distribution throughout your space, adjusting temperatures automatically for maximum comfort. Choosing Mitsubishi means embracing top-tier technology designed to enhance your comfort and peace of mind.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi offers a broad spectrum of air conditioning units designed to cater to various preferences and needs. Here’s a look at some of the types we service:

ducted air conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning

This unit offers discreet, efficient, and flexible cooling. With a ducted system, you can cool your entire home or selected zones to match your comfort needs. Mitsubishi’s ducted systems are known for their ultra-quiet operation and energy efficiency. Discuss your needs with our team today and let us help you find the perfect Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system.

Split system

Split Systems

The reverse-cycle air conditioners from Mitsubishi can both heat and cool your space. Their systems, such as the MSZ-AP series and the MSZ-EF series, are known for their superior energy efficiency, quiet operation, and smart control features, these systems offer year-round comfort. Our team can help you compare systems to find the one that best fits your needs. Get in touch with our experts today.

Comprehensive Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Services

As a comprehensive service provider for Mitsubishi, we cater to all your air conditioning needs, including:


Regular servicing to ensure your Mitsubishi unit performs optimally and lasts longer. Our routine checks include filter cleaning, checking fluid levels, and inspecting system components for wear and tear.


Professional, thorough checks and tuning to keep your unit running efficiently. We cover all necessary adjustments and recommendations for optimal performance.


Trustworthy repair services to resolve any unexpected breakdowns. We diagnose the issue, provide a detailed repair plan, and carry out the repairs promptly to restore your comfort.


Precise installation services to ensure your new Mitsubishi unit delivers peak performance. Our licensed technicians install all models, ensuring compliance with all Australian standards and regulations.


Guidance and professional services when your unit reaches its lifespan’s end. We help you select a new Mitsubishi model that fits your needs, providing seamless replacement and disposal of your old unit.

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