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The most popular suburb we service in Melbourne: Yarra Glen, Croydon Hills, Gilderoy, Seville, South Melbourne, Elwood, LilyDale, Mitham, Wandih North, Chirnside Park.

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What is Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

For a premium choice is air conditioning for your home choose ducted air conditioning. Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is one of the better air-con options because it’s powerful, quiet, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and effective! Ducted air conditioning offers both heating and cooling in your home or business, switching from hot to cold with the touch of a button. Ducted refrigerated air conditioning units consist of a condenser unit hooked up on the outside of the house connected to vents throughout the home. On hot days, the system works by removing the hot air and producing filtered, cold air and dispersing it throughout the zones or rooms. On cold days it does the reverse, which is where the term ‘reverse cycle air conditioning’ comes from. Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems provide climate control throughout, keeping your home or workplace at a comfortable temperature all year long. It also filters the air, removing any humidity. You can control your ducted refrigeration unit with just one control, and you can choose which zones to heat or cool. Managing different zones means saving on power bills when you don’t run the unit unnecessarily. This powerful form of air conditioning is stored either in the roof or under the floor and runs quietly.

Why Get Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning?

  • Reduced Energy Costs
    Ducted refrigerated systems use less energy than other air-conditioning units, saving you money on your energy bills. These systems can regulate temperature better and optimise heating and cooling.
  • Zoned Cooling
    Modern systems can send cold or warm air to separate ducts, allowing you to only heat and cool specific rooms. If you need to heat just your bedroom and lounge room or cool your whole home, you can.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems
    Ducted refrigerated systems can both heat and cool your home using inverter technology.
  • Customised to Suit
    Whatever you require from a refrigerated cooling system, our team can deliver. We can design your system to meet your needs for home heating and cooling.
  • Fast and Effective System
    A ducted refrigerated air conditioning system is a powerful air conditioner providing you with the desired temperate and reducing humidity quickly and efficiently.
  • Quiet and Concealed
    These powerful air conditioners work hard to provide your home with the perfect temperature and air quality, but they do it quietly and inoffensively.
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Ducted Air Conditioning Brands We Service

When it comes to ducted refrigeration, we only supply the best brands such as Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba and others. Speak with a Selected representative to learn more about quality refrigerated ducted air conditioning brands and determine which one is best suited to you and your property.

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