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The erratic weather conditions of Melbourne require you to install heating and cooling systems that can run all year round. Even if you don’t have such a system, we always tell our customers that such a system is always the better option. The weather conditions are the reason why most Australian homes have heating and cooling systems that can provide you with the perfect temperature throughout the year. However, maintenance of such systems is very important as it ensures that they last longer. This is where the licensed plumbers from Selected Heating and Cooling come in. We can provide you with the finest service and repairs in Melbourne.

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The heating and cooling systems in your home play a vital part in keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the year. This is the reason why your systems should be in perfect working condition to avoid any last-minute mishaps. It can be quite frustrating if in the middle of a sudden cold wave you are not able to access your heater. So, regular service and repairs ensure that your systems are in the perfect working condition.
Our technicians are very well trained and come with years of industry experience. We assure you that you will receive the best repairs and maintenance services in Melbourne. Whether it is a gas ducted heater, a solar water heater, split systems or ducted refrigeration system, we will fix it all.

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Heating Systems Service and Repairs

Gas Ducted Heating is Melbourne’s most affordable and common heating system, with a ducted heating system usually placed external, Under or inside the roof of your property, the warm air is then distributed throughout a series of ducts that will heat each area of your property quickly and efficiently.
At Selected Heating and Cooling, we repair and install hydronic heating systems through-out Melbourne and have the number one name for keeping you warm. Whether it is an annual maintenance service, system power-flushing or a break-down repair, we’ll do it all.

Cooling Systems Service and Repairs

Ducted refrigeration systems are very commonly found in Australian homes and are quite energy efficient as well. The system is connected to a series of ducts that distributes cool air throughout the property.
Split systems are also very common in Australian households and are perfect for singular rooms. The temperature control in a split system allows you to use it during the winter months as well. We provide service and repairs for all your cooling systems. It is important to maintain these systems to ensure that they last longer.
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For any repair or maintenance service for your heating and cooling systems, choose our expert technicians. We will ensure that your work is done quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a gas ducted heating system or an evaporative air conditioning system, we will fix it. Get in touch with us today!