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Our Cooling Services

Evaporative Cooling

A lot of Australian homes have an evaporative cooling system installed because of their energy and cost-efficiency. Regular checks of filter pads, water pump, drain valves, water line, etc is very important.

Split System Air Conditioning

Split systems are very efficient heating and cooling systems and in most cases are installed in a single room. They work entirely on electricity and can be used for the entire year. If you are looking to get your split system repaired or installation, call us!

Ducted Refrigeration

Ducted refrigeration is similar to a split system refrigeration system, but works differently. It’s a system that is connected to a series of ducts that distributes air throughout each area of the property.

Service and Repairs

"Don’t get stuck in the fridge"
We’re a team of dedicated licensed service plumbers, providing service and repairs for any cooling and heatingsystems.


Our Heating Services

Hydronic Heating Systems

We provide comprehensive and professional hydronic heating solutions, focusing on quality, reliability, and professionalism. Whether you need maintenance services, hydronic power-flushing, repairs, or a new installation, Selected can help.

Power Flushing

A "power flush" sanitises your hydronic heating system by circulating treated water solution to remove any debris, limescale, dirt, or magnetite from the system.

Gas Ducted Heating System

We offer service, repair, testing, and installations of gas ducted heating. Melbourne’s most affordable and common heating system, with a ducted heating unit usually placed externally, under or inside the roof of your property.

Ducted Refrigeration

Similar to a split system, refrigeration systems or ducted refrigeration is a system that is connected to a series of ducts that distribute air throughout each area of the property. We also work with ducted heating systems.

Room Heating

Room heating systems include an appliance designed to heat the area in which it is installed. Gas space heating, portable gas heaters, radiant heaters, overhead, and outdoor living area heating systems all use either natural gas or LP gas to provide heating solutions in the designated area.

Hot Water

Hot water is one of the most important things in any household or business space, especially during the winter months. We can repair electric, gas, solar, and even gravity fed hot water systems. Our team also provides regular servicing for your hot water systems.

Service and Repairs

We are a team of dedicated licensed service plumbers, who provide service and repairs for any cooling and heating Melbourne home systems. Our plumbers are fully insured and are competent with all the Australian standards and regulations.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

Carbon Monoxide (or CO) is an odourless, colourless gas that can cause harmful illness and, in some cases, even death if you’re exposed to it. The ESV, VBA and REIV recommends Carbon Monoxide Tests to take place every 12-24 months.

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Why Choose Us

Selected Heating and Cooling Melbourne employ some of Melbourne’s best licensed and insured plumbers. Our plumbers are highly trained and are aware of all the rules and regulations of the industry. We follow a strict code of conduct and make sure that our customers receive the most efficient service possible from us.

Our customers are of the utmost importance to us, which is why after every job we ensure that we leave your space completely clean and ready to use. Our vans are always equipped with all the tools and the best of industry technology. We have comprehensive experience in dealing with all the leading brands of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. We offer air conditioning installations and repairs for residential and commercial properties, taking care of new ducted heating systems, cooling units, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Heating and Cooling Systems Can You Service?

We can service all heating and cooling systems from all leading brands. As experienced Heating and Cooling technicians, we have a wealth of knowledge that will ensure that the job gets done to your satisfaction. We carry a wide range of general parts with us, allowing us to quickly provide repairs and replacement parts for heating and cooling systems of all shapes and sizes, including split system air conditioner systems, evaporative cooling, ducted heating and more.

How can I reduce energy usage while using my air conditioner?

The best way to reduce energy usage while using air conditioning is by increasing its effectiveness. By closing all the windows and closing doors of rooms that don’t need to be cooled, you can cool your home much faster and reduce the amount of time your air conditioning needs to be on for. Shading can also help, with blinds, curtains and roller shutters helping to maintain the temperature of your home for longer. If your power bills are still high, replacing your air conditioner with a model with an inverter or a higher quality heating and cooling system can help. Air conditioners with inverters have an automatic mode that can adapt to the conditions and heat or cool your home effectively. For more information on energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions, talk to our team today.

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For any repair or maintenance service for your Melbourne heating and cooling system, choose our expert technicians. Selected Heating and Cooling services heating systems, cooling systems, ducted systems, split systems, electric heating and gas heating, and more, working quickly and efficiently to provide you with comprehensive heating and cooling solutions.

Whether you’re looking to get your old system repaired or a new one installed to reduce running costs, we can help! Get in touch Melbourne’s leading heating and cooling specialists today for professional service and a quote!

Are you a rental property owner?

From March 2021, you must get gas and electrical safety checks every two years! Make sure you’re fulfilling your legal obligations with our gas and electrical appliance testing services.