Gas Safety Rental Service

If you’re a rental provider or landlord you are legally required to ensure your property’s electrical and gas appliances and fittings are safe to use. With legislation introduced in March 2021, you must get a gas and electrical safety check for your property every two years. Selected Heating and Cooling can carry out a comprehensive safety check of your property and give you the peace of mind you need. Through our checks, we can ensure there are no electrical faults, gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks and other hazards. Call today for a quick quote and consultation.

gas safety rental service

Licensed Heating and Cooling Experts

As heating and cooling experts, we employ a team of licensed electricians and gas fitters. When it comes to testing, we know our way around a home and can provide you with all the services you need to ensure your property is safe and compliant. If you’re not sure you’re required to get a test, or you want to learn more, discuss your needs with our team today. With years of experience behind us and a team of professional, licensed technicians, we can answer any questions you have and provide the services you need.

Our Services

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Our gas safety check includes:

  • Safety check of type A gas appliances
  • Gas leak testing
  • Gas mains and installation testing
  • Carbon Monoxide testing
  • Gas Appliance Servicing

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Our electrical safety check includes:

  • Safety Check of Type A Electrical Appliances
  • Main Earthing System Testing
  • RCD Testing
  • Switchboard Testing
  • Electrical Fittings and Fixtures Testing

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Our comprehensive test is designed to cover every aspect of your property, providing a complete testing solution. If you haven’t had testing in the last 2 years, this service will get you up to speed and ensure your property is safe. It includes:

  • A Full 7 Point Safety Check
  • Negative Pressure Test
  • Carbon Monoxide Spill Test
  • Smoke Alarm Operation Check and Battery Replacement
  • Everything from our Electrical and Gas Tests

All our services come with a complete report after completion detailing the results from each part of the test as well as instruction on any action you may need to take.

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Gas and Electricity Safety Check Laws

As a rental provider, it’s important to understand your legal obligations. Residential landowners and rental providers are required to ensure their property or properties are compliant with gas and electrical safety laws. As of March 29 2021, you will need to get a gas safety check and electrical safety check every two years. This is specifically Type A Appliance Servicing for both gas and electrical appliances.

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If you need testing for your property, call Selected Heating and Cooling today to discuss your needs with an expert. With years of experience behind us and a team of licensed professionals, we can give you complete peace of mind and ensure you’re legally covered. Call now to book and for a detailed quote.

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