For more than 50 years Brivis have been providing Australian homes with reliable heating, cooling and climate control system. Their systems are built in Australia and designed to handle the best and worst of Australia’s weather with ease. With options to suit every need, including gas ducted heating, evaporative cooling, and ducted air conditioning, you can rest comfortably with Brivis. Each Brivis system comes with a 10 year guarantee, ensuring reliability and comfort for years to come. Selected Heating and Cooling have years of experience supplying, installing and repairing Brivis systems. We can provide you with a brand new Brivis air conditioning system or repair your existing one. If you’re looking to buy a new Brivis heating or cooling system, our technicians can provide you with the information you need to make a decision. Talk to our team today. In addition, the most popular brand we service is Baxi, Braemar, Daikin.


Ducted Gas Heating

Brivis ducted gas heating systems are designed to provide quick and constant heat throughout your home. From a central gas heating unit, these systems push heated air throughout your home. With strategically placed ducts and modern control systems you can direct heat where it’s needed, optimising efficiency and reducing your energy bills. It’s one of the most convenient forms of heating available. Quiet, concealed, and effective.

  • StarPro Series
  • Buffalo Series

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Evaporative Cooling

Evaporative cooling makes use of the natural cooling properties to cool your home quickly and effectively. Brivis systems make use of this to cool and purify the air coming into your home, then push it through ducts into each room. Evaporative systems are energy-efficient, cost-effective one of the best ways to keep your home cool and comfortable in the hot summer months.

  • Contour Series
  • Promina Series
  • Advance Series

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