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Put an end to cold sleepless nights and get gas ducted gas heating today. Selected Heating and Cooling specialise in the installation, repair and service of gas ducted heating Melbourne. We can get your systems working again fast, and even install new a new one for you. Get same day service with our emergency services. When you book a service, one of our professional licensed plumbers will come out and inspect your situation. From there, we can come up with the ideal solution to the problem, restoring your heating to perfect working condition. If you’re in need of gas heating repairs and installation, call our team today on 0403 095 613.

Why Get Gas Ducted Heating Installation?

A gas ducted heating system is one of the most effective and energy-efficient ways to heat your home, offering consistent, effective heating typically at lower running costs. While a gas ducted heater won’t be as environmentally friendly as some other options, as it uses gas to heat your home, it’s a great option for heating large spaces quickly. If you have a modern central heating unit it’s easy to control the air flowing to each room of your home, increasing efficiency and making sure you’re getting the most out of your gas heating system.

We offer comprehensive ducted gas heating installation services, installing gas ducted heating quickly and effectively. Ask us about this service today or talk to our team about ducted gas heating units.

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Why Get Ducted Heating Repairs?

Getting your ducted heating system repaired is about more than just having a warm house. A broken or badly maintained heating system can cost you more in gas bills, cause cold air to leak through the house, or even blow contaminants around and cause damage to your health. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your system clean and safe. If your ducted heating isn’t working as well as it should, or costing you far more than it used to, it’s time to get it serviced! Our team can work out exactly why your system or ducted heating unit isn’t working properly and get you back to being warm fast.

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Our Ducted Heating Service Process

Our ducted heating system inspection involves:

  •  Inspection of air flow and general system health
  •  Checks for cracks, holes and breaks
  •  Gas pressure test
  •  Carbon monoxide testing
  •  Remove and clean components if needed
  •  Test burner and pilot light
  •  Decide on whether to repair or replace your system

Once we know what the problem is, our experienced team can fix it at its source. We aim to provide a fantastic service, exceeding your expectations.

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Call Today for Professional Heating and Cooling Repairs

Our team is made of licensed, experienced professionals. Each member of our team is trained to deliver great service from start to finish. We service, install and repair ducted heating systems, and can even provide advice on how to care for your ducted gas heating system. We can service and repair a variety of heating and cooling systems, including hydronic heating, gas heaters, ducted refrigeration, hot water systems, evaporative cooling, split systems and more. If you need gas ducted heating work done, talk to our team today. Call 0403 095 613 for a quote and more information on gas ducted heating Melbourne.