Selected Heating and Cooling is a certified partner of Baxi Hydronic Heating Systems. Since 1866 Baxi have been a trusted name in hydronic heating, providing innovative and energy-efficient heating systems for people all over the world. They offer a wide range of hydronic systems designed to provide environmentally friendly, cost-effective heating solutions for homes. If you’re looking to get hydronic heating for your home, talk to your local Selected Heating & Cooling technician today. We can provide you with the perfect heating solution for your needs.

Certified Baxi Hydronic Heating Partner

As a certified partner, we’re qualified to install and maintain Baxi hydronic systems. Our specialists have the training necessary to provide you with a professionally installed system, as well as repairs and maintenance for any Baxi hydronic system you have installed.

Baxi Residential Heating Boilers

Baxi’s range of residential wall-mounted heating boilers will provide you with high output, energy-efficient heating. These heaters are some of the greenest and most energy-efficient on the market. They’re incredibly reliable and can provide consistent heating all year round.

Luna3 Comfort

  • Offers the capabilities of a traditional boiler in a compact and easy to install package. Comes in heating only models or combi heating and domestic hot water.
  • Best for houses and apartments with medium demand
  • High Efficiency saves costs & energy
  • Can use both natural gas and LPG

Luna Duo-Tec E

  • With gas condensing technology improving heat generation and reducing waste, the Duo-Tec E is one of the greenest and most efficient residential boilers on the Australian market.
  • Heat Large households with high demand
  • High Efficiency saves costs & energy
  • Can use both natural gas and LPG

Wall Radiators

Baxi’s range of wall radiators promises clean, green heating solutions. They’re among the most environmental and energy-efficient ways to heat your home, radiating warmth in all directions to quickly heat rooms. Depending on the size of the system you choose, you can easily heat anything from a small room to large spaces with high ceilings.

Available in a range of sizes and types, there’s a wall radiator to suit all requirements. The Selected Heating and Cooling team can help you decide which one best meets your needs for heating and space, as well as your budget.

Wall Radiators

Floor Heating

Hydronic floor heating is one of the most effective and energy-efficient ways to heat a space quickly. If you’re building or renovating, choose Baxi hydronic floors for your home and reduce your heating bills and environmental footprint. These systems operate by heating water running through pipes beneath the floor. Heat is then passively transferred into the air, quickly heating the room.

Talk to a Selected Heating and Cooling Expert Today

Hydronic floor heating is popular for its low operating costs and high efficiency. However, there is a range of solutions to suit different needs, and it can be difficult to work out which one is best for you. Talk to your local Selected hydronic heating specialist today for more information.