Backflow Testing

Selected Heating and Cooling can test your plumbing’s backflow and protect your home. Even the smallest backflow problems with your water supply can lead to major problems. It’s why we always recommend backflow testing to our customers. We have a team of dedicated plumbers who will not just repair but also provide regular inspection of your main water supply. A regular servicing will ensure that the system is running and smooth and that you and your family have a safe supply of water.

selected backflow testing

Backflow Prevention

There are two main reasons for backflow. One is triggered because of back-siphonage; back siphonage is created when there is an immense amount of pressure on the outlet hose. Backpressure, on the other hand, can lead to a cross-connection between the clean and the dirty water supply. This can lead to the contamination of your drinking water and in turn, becomes a health risk.
Our technicians are trained to avoid installing pipework with cross-connections. However, with processes in manufacturing becoming more complex these connections have become, in some instances, unavoidable. This is where being able to identify these situations is vital. Only a licensed professional is fit to do this job. The repairs and servicing of these pipes are very important for the protection of the drinking water in your homes.

Commercial Backflow Testing

Our services are not limited to residential properties, we also provide service and repairs to commercial properties. We understand that most commercial businesses are dealing with customers and are under the pressure to provide the best services. Especially when it comes to hotels and restaurants, a perfectly working plumbing system is a must.
A backflow problem contaminating the water in a hotel can cause troubles beyond measure. In such cases Selected Heating and Cooling is your go-to plumbing company. Our team of insured plumbers will be there in no time and can clean out your water supply system as quickly as we can.

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We always tell our clients that it is important to have your entire plumbing system checked regularly. With regular backflow testing, we can ensure that you always have a healthy and safe water supply within your homes or offices.
For any new installations, existing auditing, maintenance or your annual servicing, call Selected Heating and Cooling immediately.