Power Flushing

If you’ve got a hydronic heating system, whether it’s a panel radiator or slab heater running under your floor, it will need to be cleaned and serviced at some point. Over time, hydronic systems build up limescale, debris and sludge, a mud-like substance that can affect heating efficiency and cause damage to your system if left for too long. If your system hasn’t been serviced in a while, it’s time to call in the experts. At Selected Heating and Cooling we offer backflow testing, TMV valves a hydronic power flushing service designed to clean out your system and get it operating at maximum efficiency again! Talk to our team today on 0403 095 613 for a quote.

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is the best way to restore your system’s effectiveness. Using a specialised power flushing unit, we run water through your pipes to clear our grime, magnetite and limescale, leaving you with clean pipes that will heat and transfer heat effectively. As we flush water through, we use a magnetic filtration unit to capture foreign particles and leave you with clean, corrosion-free water, increasing the lifespan of your boiler and hydronic system. However, if you find you still have issues after cleaning, the problem may lie deeper. Our team can inspect your system to identify any problems and then come up with the ideal solution to get your systems working again fast. We can restore broken pipes, repair boilers and replace parts to keep you warm all year round. While power flushing should be done every five years, it’s important to remember to get the rest of your system checked as well.

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How Do I Know if I Need a Power Flush?

The general rule of thumb is that you should have your system power flushed every five years. Other signs that you might need a power flush include:

  •  Your system is taking a long time to heat your home
  •  It costs more to run your system than it used to
  • Hydronic panels are cold in the middle and only hot at the top
  • The system isn’t heating at all
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