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Welcome to Selected Heating and Cooling, your premier service provider for Bonaire air conditioning, evaporative cooling, gas ducted heating, and split systems. With a rich history spanning over 60 years, Bonaire is an industry-leading brand renowned for its quality and innovation in a wide range of heating and cooling solutions. Their reputation for superior comfort and outstanding energy efficiency is unmatched. When you choose a Bonaire system, you’re choosing a heritage of quality and performance.

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World Class Heating and Cooling Solutions

Bonaire offers a comprehensive range of cooling and heating systems that provide exceptional comfort and efficiency. Whether you need evaporative cooling to beat the heat or gas ducted heating to keep you warm during the winter months, Bonaire has you covered.

Their cutting-edge technology and cool features ensure that you can create the perfect climate for your home all year round. Bonaire systems are designed to save energy and keep your bills low with advanced Inverter technology. With integrated cooling solutions and clever control systems, you have full control over your indoor climate, ensuring optimal comfort regardless of the weather outside.

In simple terms, Bonaire systems are game-changers in the world of heating and cooling. With their thoughtful design and attention to detail, you can relax and enjoy the perfect temperature at the touch of a button. It’s no wonder that Bonaire is a leader in the industry, offering top-of-the-line air conditioning, evaporative cooling, gas ducted heating, and split systems.

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Bonaire Evaporative Coolers

Bonaire evaporative cooling is an innovative solution for creating a cool and comfortable indoor environment. With advanced technology, it harnesses the power of water evaporation to provide efficient and refreshing cooling. By drawing in fresh air, passing it through water-soaked pads, and circulating it throughout your home, Bonaire evaporative cooling offers cost-effective cooling and improved air quality. Say goodbye to hot, stuffy rooms and enjoy the revitalising experience of Bonaire evaporative cooling.

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Bonaire Split Systems

Bonaire split systems offer customisable and efficient cooling and heating for individual rooms. With indoor and outdoor units connected by refrigerant lines, these systems provide precise temperature control and energy efficiency. Experience personalised climate control in every room with Bonaire split systems.

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Bonaire Gas Ducted Heating

Bonaire gas ducted heating provides reliable and efficient warmth for your entire home. With centralised control, this system utilises clean natural gas to distribute heat through ducts, ensuring consistent comfort. Enjoy precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and quiet operation with Bonaire gas ducted heating, making your home cosy even on the coldest days.


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At Selected Heating and Cooling, we’re proud to be an accredited service provider for Bonaire Heating and Cooling systems. We have been recognised for our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality service. Our accreditation is a testament to our dedication in ensuring that every Bonaire unit we install, maintain, or repair meets the high standards set by the brand and the industry as a whole. We uphold the values and reputation of Bonaire through our exceptional service delivery.

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